I make things that are:

Flat, physical, handmade, digital, or interactive.
Adventurous, historical, scary, inspiring, nostalgic, fun, or serious.
Simple, decorative, subtle, blatant, attractive or grotesque.


I've loved and studied letters for a long time. Not all my work includes calligraphy but letters frequently take center stage.

The Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin
Ink/Paper 36 x 24

Anatomical Jack-O-Lantern

Anatomical Jack-O-Lantern
Ink/Paper 8.5 x 11

The Riddle of Steel

The Riddle of Steel
Ink/Paper 24 x 18


Click images for larger versions.

The Translator

Crusted Cthulhu Box

John Barleycorn

Murder Mushrooms

Pixie Dust Harvesting

Walk Water

Imp Hutch

Impskin-Covered Book

Pumpkin Family


I've made websites since 1998. Many of them aren't around anymore. Whether to inform or entertain, I prefer to make interfaces that are interesting. Since 2003 I've maintained sites for the CDC, primarily this one. You know the drill - give me concept, content, and target audience; I give you mockups and/or live cross-platform, accessible pages with good SEO. If Adobe makes it I've probably used it.

If you're a fan of Flash, check out Leviathan and YargCade.


A worthy logo should be more than text with layer effects. Every logo begins with black and white drawings, and if I use a font it is always modified. Fun projects can be playful, but for a serious logo I make literally hundreds of sketches to create a memorable, scalable brand that is truly unique, drawing from a lifelong study of letterforms and symbolism.

Contact Me

Original solutions are hard to come by, and simple ones even moreso. I'm proud to say I've had a handful in my career so far.
To discuss your design needs, please email mkd@mkdavis.net.